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"I’ve come to realize that creating is a means of simple meditation for me. The reasons and preparation in creating are ever changing, but the satisfaction of applying a striking deep black line on a brilliant white slate entices me. The small stir of the paint and water to get just the proper consistency, the sound of the bristles pressed slowly or rapidly to the canvas, the “tink” of the brush against the glass jar of water creates a comforting and familiar melody that echoes the practice of painting and creation. This becomes a rhythm that calms and welcomes me to be content in my studio for hours at a time.


Often when I paint or draw with less mental boundary, long strokes of line that curl and trickle usually emerge.  I believe that this is a visual representation of the flow of my spirit or soul. The paintbrush extends the energy from inside of me onto the canvas. This is often represented by the long reaching movements of hair in many of my pieces. 


I consider myself a figurative artist. The figure in its certain poses can tell what the soul has endured. To me, the figure is the most natural and poetic way to express emotions or experiences. Inspired by the beauty that surrounds us, I often give natural elements a voice or mood by merging them with the human figure. Like dancers, a tree or a mountain can have a body and face to convey a small story of its life. At times dancers are the subjects of my work. The way emotion streams from their actions and the disciplined and dramatic placements of their body are overly impressive to me. Exposing bone or blood within the figure is used as a reminder and a symbol that even a ballerina, with the essence of perfection, is human and will make mistakes. At times my figures are more like cartoons with long sleeves and blank stares. These figures are meant to bring a playful and gentle approach to life’s difficult circumstances.  


Mostly I create when a feeling needs to be expressed. Through writing, drawing, and painting I’m able to let these feelings free in a visual way. I believe in experimenting with new techniques and materials, introducing new voices to my choir of visual expression."



Meredith Hahn

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